Saturday, June 29, 2013

Letter from Justin June 26, 2013


They told us we could write home tonight and let you know we are alive!  Everything is awsome here!  I love it already.  My companions name is Elder Hillman and he's an awesome guy.  We get along really well already.  Oh!  so my address changed I guess?  It says to mail to AUG04 instead of 06.  So if you wouldn't mind could you go on facebook and post the change.  Hope you guys made it home safe!  I hope Sophie is feeling better as well.  Don't worry about me because it is awesome here!  Miss and love you guys!

Love, Elder Lynn

So I have some extra time so I'll add to my letter.  My other roommates are Elder Gunther and Elder Roberts.  Both are really great.  Elder Hillman, Elder Roberts and I are the ones from our district going to Mozambique!  Language learning started first thing today!  So that was crazy but I'm liking it!  Our teacher only speaks in Portuguese which can be hard but I know it's how it's supposed to be.  We started classes on how to teach people and I learned that I still have a lot to learn.  haha  We must first get on a superficial level, then personal, and then spiritual.  But we must get to spiritual to be able to teach.  I'm loving it here and I have an awesome district!  Oh I already saw Tchae and gave him a hug and talked with him for a bit.  He is doing really well.  I also saw Chelsea which was fun.  Well I can't believe day 1 is already over.  Its all so exciting and I can't wait to learn more!  I can't wait to get over to Mozambique.  It's gonna be such a blast!  May the Lord bless you all while I'm gone.  Can't wait to hear from you!  My P-Day is Tuesday!

Love you all so much!

Elder Lynn

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