Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Wow... What a week! This was one of the more interesting weeks on my mission! So, last tuesday, we were supposed to have a meeting with Elder Clayton from the presidency of the seventy, Elder Ellis from the seventy, and President Kretly. Well they had a meeting in Beira on Monday and then all of sudden their planes got cancelled and lots of stuff happened. Well what ended up happening? Tuesday, or meetings got delayed and only Elder Ellis was able to make it. He came because he knows how to speak portuguese. But the meeting in the end went super well and even though it was quick, it was super awesome! I really loved the meeting! It was awesome! Then we went back and worked what we could that night. Wednesday, we woke up, got going a little bit, and then Elder Ence got sick, so he went to bed and slept. Well, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I decided to clean the whole house first. So I did a deep clean on the whole house, everyone's rooms... everything. Haha it took about 4 hours or so. Then I decided to make some banana bread, so I listened to some talks while I made banana bread for everyone. Then I just relaxed and listened to talks until everyone got home. It was so weird trying to find stuff to do.. I'm not used to not working every day! Haha. Then thursday was normal, friday I had a division with elder Gage and that went really well. It was fun to do a division with him and meet some of the families that they are teaching. Saturday, we got done doing some contacts in the morning and we were about home at about 11:00 a.m. when we got a text from the assistants saying that there was a blood drive going on at the maputo 2 chapel and that if we wanted it was a good chance to serve and we could if we wanted.. We all talked about it and realized, how many chances will we have to donate blood in africa and have it be a safe experience, so we ditched what we were doing and went to the city. When we got there they were so happy because not many people had showed up. So we weighed in... took down info.. all that good stuff. Then one elder started. He got his bag put in and started. Well another Elder saw the needle and blood and apparently didn't like it and he passed out... So they were taking him inside the chapel to recooperate while the rest of us were going. Elder Thomas, Elder Stubbs, and I were all donating at the same time. My bag was about full and then Tualufo, the mission secretary was there and he was like hey your bag is all full you're all done. Well just about that time i started to get a little light headed and I said, to everyone, "I am feeling a little dizzy, oh oh I'm going..." and then I passed out! Haha! I guess because I hadn't eaten dinner the night before and only a little bit of breakfast, the blood loss got to me and then i was out. When I came back to, the district president's wife was standing over me saying, You ressurected! And then everyone was laughing at the fact that I had told them that I was about to pass out. They all thought I was joking until I was out haha. They just couldn't get over that though. They just kept saying, man who knows when they are going to pass out... and who tells everyone like that?? They thought it was hilarious. haha. But that took a little bit out of us. So we went home and rested for a little while and tried to regain some strenghth again and then at about 5:30 pm we went back out and worked that night. Haha so that was quite the day. Now I can say I have donated blood in Africa! Anyways, on another note, the preparations are being made for the wedding this saturday and all is going well. But I think we are gonna hold off a couple weeks with the baptism... We just wanna make sure that they are completely ready and ya.. so the wedding will be this weekend but we'll hold off a little with the baptism. But we are still super excited!!!! The transfer is half over and so we gotta keep working hard! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Elder Lynn

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Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Well this week was a pretty good week. Last P day we went bowling with the zone again and that was super fun. Elder Ence and I got there a little early so we played a little bit of pool. I was a little bit rusty but I acutally didn't do too bad! Then that night we finally found a new family! We have been struggling a lot to find new families and so it was a big blessing to find them! THen Tuesday we opened the marriage process for Pinto and Lizete! We went and picked up their last document and then opened the process. We wanted October 25th, this weekend, but the workers there created some problems and so we eneded up agreeing on the 1st of November. I really love this family a lot and I am so so excited for their marriage and baptism. On sunday they were getting super integrated into the branch and that was really awesome to see. Its just really incredible to think that 2 months earlier, this family didn't know anything about this gospel and now, they are about to enter into the waaters of baptism and change their lives! Then on Wednesday, we actually didn't have to stay in, we just had to go home a little early. So at 5:00 pm is when we had to be in so we just listened to some talks and what not, it was a nice little rest. Then on Friday I went on a division with elder stubbs. It was a super awesome day. We went to a leadership meeting in the morning and then came back and we worked the rest of the day together. At lunch we went to buy some chicken and i asked if we could get the 2 piece with fries and they were like oh sorry we only sell the 3 piece now.. the 2 isn't possible anymore.. and i was like huh? just only put two pieces in and charge me less and she just couldn't wrap her mind around that so i ended up getting a 3 piece haha. Also, that day elder ence was on a division with another elder and they got hit by a truck!!! He said they both got sent flying through a barb wire fence, and yet nothing happened to them... Angels really do protect us as missionaries. He is completely fine... doesn't even have a scratch and he got sent flying through a barb wire fence... that is a miracle! Then saturday and sunday we had general conference and it was super super good. We have a neighbor that only comes to our church on the week of general conference because he loves the motab choir and loves the director. He has been talking to us about it for like 3 months and sure enough he was there and he loved the choir just as always hahahahaha. Elder Ence and I are doing well. We are just struggling to find new famliies... But I think the Lord just wants us to learn something... So that is the challenge, figure out what the Lord wants us to learn. Bring our will in line with His. I love this work! There is no greater calling than to be a missionary of the true and living God and know that you are on the winning team... Its incredible. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week was a good week. Last p-day we downloaded general conference onto my memory card and then went home and did a deep clean on our house while listening to parts of general conference! It was actually a really relaxing pday. THen on thursday we had quite the day. We needed to do some documents for a family so they can get married on the 25th and the workers didn't want to help at all. In the end it took a lot of patience and time, but we were able to get the documents completed. So it looks like we are going to have a marriage and baptism on the 25th of this month! We are super excited! I really love this family a lot! Today I am super short on time! Sorry! We are going bowling today and ya we are just kinda behind. But i Love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Lynn

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Wow, another transfer has come and gone and the time is flying by! Good news, I will finally be staying with a companion! Elder Ence is the first comp I have stayed with for more than one transfer since elder galland! so thats nice and refreshing. Transfers didn't bring too many changes for Magoanine but Elder Galland is going to Swaziland. So that's pretty crazy. He only has three more transfers left so he will for sure be finishing his mission over there. I am not sure if I'll get to see him again before he leaves so that's kinda sad but it'll be a super awesome opportunity for him! Elder Barroso went to a different zone so now the new Zone leader with me is Elder Stubbs and I am really excited because I really like Elder Stubbs. He will be in the same house, we'll just have different comps so that will also be nice! Other than that, not too many changes for us! I am pretty happy that I am staying because we've made some really good progress this last week with our area. We are hoping for three families on the 25th of October and then 2 more on the 15th of November, the last week of the transfer. So we are super excited. I wanna send some pics and explain them so I will send pics and explanations. We are in a little bit of a hurry today so I will send a better email next week! Love you all so so much!!!

All the Elders in the branch with
the branch mission leader.
 Justin and the branch mission leader, Vivaldo.

Pinto and Lizete

Rafael's little brother holding Rafael's baby
Rafael (his wife, Vania was sick so they didn't get a picture)

A Family Home Evening Wheel
they made for one of their families.

Happy Elder Ence!