Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hello family,
So this last week was good. It was a hard to accept that he was going home, both for him and for me haha. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see Elder Galland and say good bye, he went early this morning to pick up his family from the airport. We last week went bowling and had a little party at the mission office for the missionaries who were going home and then we had a fairly normal week just visiting people and then saying goodbye to everyone. And then Sunday after church he left for the city and so i stayed with Elder Coelho and Elder Uache. Umm and then once again they have had some transfer mixups. It looks like we will only find out about transfers on Wednesday so until now I am just without a companion. Right now I just kinda go where one of the other companionships go. But tomorrow I will probably and try and get a melchezidic priesthood holder to come walk with me for a least a little bit so I can go to my area. But we'll see i'll have to make some calls today. So funny thing about that song (In Our Lovely Deseret), is yes they have it in portuguese and not only that but mozambicans love it and sing it ALL the time. They have a few hymns that they love and so we sing the same things every single week and this is one of those songs haha. So i know it very well in portuguese. Its been pretty dang hot here... but here in about a month or two it should start to cool down a bit. I can't believe that I have been in Magoanine for over 8 months now... how did that time pass by so dang fast??? 8 months! Its truly truly crazy how that happened. So looking at the plans, i'm totally fine with doing that first option and doing two days in Kruger. that is good with me. And there really isn't anything else I wanna do! I was wondering how you plan on doing transportation and that kinda stuff? But other than that I'm good with everything! Ya I don't have much to say today, not quite sure what will happen yet with transfers, if I still or will I go... its all a big surprise! But I should know shortly! I love you and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Lynn

African Sunset

Cool Wall Art

Goodbye Elder Stubbs!

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