Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Well, the big news is..... A lot of things changed in the mission... in fact every single house in the mission had changes. EXCEPT, our house. We all stayed the same. I will be finishing off my mission here in Ezulwini with Elder Willian and Elder Hunsaker and Elder Van Leuven in the house. It's pretty weird, the feeling knowing that I am going into my last transfer. It, doesn't really seem real. Umm zone conference was great though.. We had a long long day. We woke up at 2:30 am on tuesday morning, had some slight complications, but we arrived in mozambique relatively on time, and then had an awesome awesome zone conference. Probably the best one that I had ever been to on my mission. It was mainly focused completely on the atonement of Jesus Christ. The main theme was "An extraordinary missionary is motivated by a knowledge of the atonement of Jesus Christ and as a result he..." and then there were many different things that an extraordinary missionary should do as a result. It was absolutely incredible. I loved it so much. It was good to be back in mozambique. I felt like I was going home. I loved seeing everything again. It was nice to see the other missionaries again and what not. And it was strange because a lot were going home. So this transfer the mission lost 15 missionaries and next transfer when I go home, we are losing 16 more. Around 1/3 of our mission. And all of us were the leaders. Its scary, but also a time for the young missionaries to step up and take responsibility which is good. Anyways, we left zone conference and didn't end up getting home until around 11:15 pm and then we had to shower and get into bed so president told us to sleep in at least two hours to get some needed rest. Do you know how weird it was to sleep in past 6:30 am. That was the first time in almost 2 years! And it was awesome and much needed. We all drug for the rest of the week anyways, it was pretty hard on us but it was worth it because zone conference was amazing. We will be having one last one, the first or second week of June as ours and Presidents last zone conference. The rest of the week... well it was trying. We made a big push to really apply  all the things that we learned, and we feel like we got even more opposition. But we are really trying to just stay positive and do everything according to the will of the Lord. Something I realized last night is even when we have righteous desires, it may come down to the fact that its not in the right timetable of the Lord and so we just have to wait patiently. So that's what we are doing. Working hard and waiting patiently. I hope that all is going well for everyone else. I love you all and oh ya, I will be doing SKYPE on sunday at around 5:00 pm here. So if I am correct, the time difference is 8 hours right now and so that would make it 9:00 amthere. I hope that works out... I'm pretty sure you guys have 11:00 church so I'm hoping that all works out! I love you all!
Elder Lynn

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