Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Wow you will have to excuse my crazy email but we had something crazy just happen. Because of zone conference and other crazy things that are happening, transfers came a week early!!! So I dont have my last week with Elder Galland but we are still both in the same district because he stayed in our area and I got transferred back to my old area... Ya I am getting transferred back to my old area that I was in for the first two transfers. I cant believe it. I guess I will have lots of work to do. My new companion is a guy named Elder Allen. He is actually Tchae┬║s cousin. When Tchae and I went on our trip to Utah we stopped and visited his Aunt and Uncle and they were like oh my goodness we have a son in Mozambique, and now that is my new companion. I am pretty baffled right now. I really hope we can do some good work! I hope when you guys come you can come to Manga because well this seems like its where I am gonna be forever haha. Not forever but its where the majority of my mission feels like its gonna be. I am super super surprised that I am going back to my old area. Yaaa..... crazy. Well thats enough of that stuff haha.
My testimony is doing really well. It really does grow all the time and I know it will continue to grow. There are always difficulties on the mission and always will be but as long as I always remember my heavenly father has a big plan for each and every one of us, I know that all will be well =) I am glad that you are all doing well with getting missionary experiences. Every member truly is a missionary. Our calling as full time missionaries only lasts for two years. But as members, we are members for life time. So we are truly all in this work together. Next week my email will be much better when I am not so flustered and amazed at what happened haha. I love you so much mom and I hope you have a really great week! Love you!
After Justin's e-mail came through I e-mailed back and forth with him a little bit.  He was really caught off guard having the transfers a week early and I think that he really thought he would be going to a different city this transfer.  He was especially surprised to be going back to his first area but I am confident that he will soon discover the reason that he has been sent back.  I am excited that he gets to be companions with Tchae's cousin!  It's fun that he has already met Elder Allen's family back home and they will have some common ground to begin with. 

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