Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 Staying in Magoanine

Well transfers have come and gone, and I am staying with Elder Barroso. Nothing will be changing for us. Some of the elders in our house are changing but we will be staying the same. Unfortunately Elder Mason is leaving our house, he was my best friend in the house, he is going to Beira. But Elder Juma will be staying and I like him a lot, he is hilarious and so that is good at least. Elder Shachterle, my trainer, is going to Swaziland! That is pretty crazy. Elder Galland will stay where he is at and the work will continue forward!

P day last week was super super fun. We went bowling, i well send pics and I think i bowled the best game of my life, as you can see on the score where is says L and then my score :) The bowling place is literally insane, cause its like an american mall. We went there and it was like walking into a whole new world. I didn't feel like I was in Mozambique haha. But it was really really fun. Unfortunately we didn't plan anything fun for today because of transfers and not knowing what exactly would happen. So today will be just a normal day I am guessing. We also had a family home evening last monday night. I will send pics of that. We had 20 people in total and it was super super fun. This last week was a really really succesful week for us. We got a couple new families and one family has accepted marriage and everything so we are super excited about that.

We didn't do any divisions this week. We'll start doing divisions again now that its a new transfer. We'll plan out our trainings and all that good stuff. This next transfer will go until the end of august... I can't believe that at the end of this transfer I will only have like 9 and a half months left. Time truly is always running and before we know it, the transfer will be ending again.

On Saturday we visited a super wealthy family that the house had a tile floor and they were doing a Saturday morning cleaning and it smelled like and reminded me tons of Saturday cleaning at home and it just made me appreciate the little calm summer days at home!

I am super jealous that you all got to watch all the fireworks. I don't think about all the stuff at home much anymore, in terms of missing it all. But there are still a few things I miss and fireworks is one of them haha. But I am glad you are all having a fun time! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

P.S.  I forgot to say also that yesterday the magoanine branch exploded!!! We had 278 people!!! There wasn't even enough space for the missionaries, we had to sit outside haha. It was incredible!



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