Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28. 2014

Wild week in Magoanine!!!!
So first of all, I called the AP's and they said that they will be going to pick up packages tomorrow, so we'll have to wait one more week to see whether or not it got here... sorry. So second of all... here is the story of the crazy week. So all was going normal right... we had our family home evening... which I sent a picture. It was super fun and we had a good time. Then tuesday, was also normal. Then wednesday. SO we were walking on the road when all of a sudden BOOM!!! something exploded and it is getting close to presidential elections and so my first thought was "oh no, war" but then nothing was weird, no one acted weird so we just kept going. Then elder barroso and I were sitting outside of a house waiting for the husband to get home when President Kretly called us.. ANd so at this point my heart is racing cause I am like, oh no it really is war and he is calling us to tell us to go to our houses. But then he was like elders, how is the day going and everything and then he was like, elders i have news for you. Two new brazilian missionaries just arrived and the Lord as called you both to be their new trainers. You will both continue being zone leaders but elder barroso will work in the city of maputo and elder lynn will continue in magoanine. He then gave some further instruction but explained that on thursday we would be getting our new companions! So as of thursday night, my new companion is Elder De Souza. He is from the same city as elder barroso. He served for 6 weeks in brazil waiting for his visa but now he is here so I will finish training him and then we'll see what happens. Elder barroso is training a missionary named elder Carvalho. He is working in the branch of Maputo 1. We will continue being zone leaders together so it will just take a little bit harder work on our part. At least once a week we have to get together and do a mini division to discuss how the zone is going and plan things out. And then almost every night we have to call each other and see how everything is going. So we wont have as much time in our areas now, but we will just have to make the best out of the time that we have! Our families are doing well, we are just having lots of problems with our families being really poor. For example, two of our families need to get their birth certificate which costs 50 meticais, or $1.80 and they don't have that money even. So, we are trying to find ways for them to make a little bit of money. Its truly incredible to see how they want so badly to get married and just don't have money that we often times don't even think about. $2.00 is almost nothing for most families yet here, they just can't afford it. So pray for them. They need all the prayers they can get. The weather is starting to get a little bit warmer now. In the mornings and at night it still gets a little cool but during the day time it gets warmer. I was able to call lots of the people up in Inhamizua lately and it sounds like they are all doing well. I just need to call Antonio and Saquina from manga cause I haven't talked to them in a few weeks. But they actually moved to Tete so they are no longer in Manga. But all is well here in mozambique. We are all happy and healthy and working hard! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Family Home Evening

Saying goodbye to his companion


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