Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Well I'm sorry about the lack of email and information lately. I've been finishing up the college stuff but it should almost all be done now. I am trying my hardest to come up with some good stuff to write to you. I feel like I am writing the same thing to you guys every week. So I will try think of some good stories...

Well story #1. I was on a division with elder abel this week and we ran into a semi investigator and he had told me about how he is super smart and had his own business in south africa but then got chased out so he started all over here and was doing well and all this. Well we ran into us and said that he is getting chased again and someone ransacked his house and told him to get out and so we asked him, "well what are you going to do?" and he responds by saying, ï'm gonna stay"... "well what if they come after you??" and he responds "I'm gonna show them who's boss!! That's how i do it!!!"and then gives us a high 5 and walks away hahahaha. we just sat there laughing.

Story#2. So I was on another division with Elder Van Leuven and we saw this big house we wanted to contact but we couldn't get the doorbell to work and the wall was too big so we just left a restoration pamphlet on the gate thinking well they will surely see it at some point. Well later that night we were walking around and we were about to go home and what do we see? Some random little girl walking around with a restoration pamphlet.. wonder where she got that hahahaha. 

Story #3. Last night we went to contact a man and he looked like a normal Swazi but he speaks incredible english and sounds like a cowboy... so we asked him where is from and he said from here. well it turns out he was raised here in swaziland by some guys from texas hahaha so what does he have? a texas accent! Got to love it.

Well those are just some of the funny stories from the week. My favorite thing during the day is the funny stories so I will start to make notes of them and bring them next monday. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Lynn

Pic of Peter and Phindile (pen-dee-lay) at Family home evening last week

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