Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Dear Family,
Wow another week down and I have completed my first transfer! So there was not really any big transfer news for me. There were a lot of big changes but as for me, I'm staying in the same area with the same companion. My house actually is only losing one person so luckily for me the other Elder who is like my best friend is staying too! I might go crazy in that house without him! Well just to tell a little about the week. We really ended up spending like the whole week really trying to prepare for the wedding and what not. The couple couldn't afford rings so we had them make us these things called chamoosas and we would buy them in exchange for their service. Chamoosas are pretty much potatoes fried in this little tortilla and just covered in pure grease haha. We have been on a little frying run lately in our house. We have been frying anything and everything hahaha. We fried bananas, onions, we made scones, we hard boiled eggs then breaded them and then fried them haha, we make fries and then we had chamoosas! So anyways back to the week. We had one of our investigators tell us that he has a smoking problem that he would like help with. Well the next day his wife was walking with us and she just tells us this super long story about how she has been praying for like two weeks straight that he would tell us and how she has a testimony that prayer really works and that she knows how true the church is and it was really quite the testimony! So we went back and had the most spiritual lesson I've ever had with him and I really can't explain everything that went on but it was just truly amazing! I've never felt the spirit so strong in my life! Then we had a little tender mercy with a new family. We were having FHE at a families house and this lady came who was invited and we thought she was a member but it turns out that she has been coming for a year now but isn't baptized because her husband has a drinking problem but when missionaries were transferred out the area book wasn't updated and they ended up getting dropped and he stopped getting help. So we are back at their house helping them and they are really a awesome strong family! So then the day before the wedding we were setting up and we had a lesson with Elias, the man with two wives and we met with President Bueno who is the second counselor in the mission presidency. And Elias said that the other woman has finally decided to move out and we believe the problem will be resolved in like two weeks! So right now we have about four more families on track to be married and baptized this next month in October!!! So then we had the collective marriage saturday! It was so fun! I've never seen our investigators (Domingos and Luiza) so happy! And african weddings are fun! They sing the coolest songs and its just a blast! We ended up having six couples from manga and Dondo get married. Then the next day after church was the baptism and Domingos and Luiza asked me to baptize them so I had my first baptism! It was really an amazing and cool experience for me. After I was talking with Luiza about how I might get transferred and she was like no we would miss you! So it was sweet to know that the people actually do like me here. Luckily for that reason, I am not being transferred right now! So that was the happenings of the week. I really want to send pictures of the wedding and baptism so I will try and find a computer to send them on this week. If not they will have to wait till next so I will try! Oh about letters. I have been getting the dearelders. They come about every four weeks or so. They come as soon as someone comes up north from maputo. And I got Derrick's letter super fast which was awesome and I got Darcee's. But I know there are more I didn't get. But I definitely love the hand written ones. THey are worth more than gold so keep trying! I'm trying to think if there are any funny stories from this week. I heard good eveninging this week! Haha but I'm running out of time. So one more week down! Until next week!
Love you all so so so much!!!
Elder Lynn

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