Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept. 30, 2013

Hello family!!
Well today was kinda an annoying day cause I couldn演 get on my account for forty five minutes!! So I apologize for the shortness of all the letters this week. I also apologize to all those who I haven演 answered to recently because of the internet here. Also unfortunately, my emails to dad and jamie wont send this week so sorry about that! Ugh! The problems that we can have sometimes haha. But I槌l try and pack as much into this letter as I can and I槌l send some other pictures too! The first pictures in this email are just some fun pictures I took and the one of the little black boy is from the wedding haha. The one with all the kids was at the wedding too when we waited for it to start. So lets see, transfers came and went like I said last week so this week we had some good things happen! So I槌l start out with some funny stories for the week hahaha. So holidays here are more of just a day for everyone and there cat to get drunk. So we can have problems on holidays. So we were just about to get home last week when it was a holiday and some drunk guys stopped us and started talking to us. We were advising them that drinking isn演 good and especially not when they have kids! They told us they knew but they couldn演 help it and while we were giving them some advice this little old grandma who was probably like 4 foot 6 inches tall walks up to us and just starts doing crazy hand signals haha. She was very out of it. She didn演 say words she was just going crazy with her hands waving everywhere. Then she started going off on us in dialect which isn演 unusual for the grandmas to do to us here but she was just hahaha... I can演 really explain how out of it she was. And then when we finally walked away, she proceeded to shake our hands and bow down to us and I was just laughing crazy lol. Now for some cool stories of the week! So Elias, the man who has two wives is probably one of the smartest people here I漓e met and the strongest in the gospel i漓e met. And we made a breakthrough! He said that he finally got the woman to agree to leave which means he will only have one wife!! So in lessons with him, he always tells us these scriptures he knows and he is just insanely smart! Especially cause most people here can hardly read and honestly not many understand the restoration at all. So to have someone understand things is such a blessing. But anyway we were at his house and we told him how smart he really is and he said well ya, I understand the scriptures because before I read them everyday I pray for help to understand them! We hadn演 even taught him to do that! Then he said the reason he knows so many scriptures is because he has already read the WHOLE book of mormon! We were blown away. So we got him a doctrine and covenants and pearl of great price to start reading along with the book of mormon cause he just eats it all up. He is one of the smartest people I have ever met! So then he sent us a text one night that just made our night. He said, A vossa dupla e otima. voces tem muita fe, esperan蓷 e caridade. a minha vida esta mudando bastante por cause de vossa ajuda e ensinamentos, na verdade, digo que ja encontrei a verdadeira igreja. This translated means, your couple (missionary couple) is awesome! You both have much faith, hope and charity. My life is changing so much because of your help and teachings. Actually, I say that I have found the true church. He is just one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I know he will be a leader in the church one day soon! So aside from that, the lord humbled me a bit this week. We taught a new family named matteus and Celeste. A humble little family that just like most mozambicans, wasn演 understanding the restoration or anything no matter how simple we put it. And i was just getting really frustrated. So I was at home comlaining about how I didn演 wanna go back cause he couldn演 remember how to pray and he didn演 even remember what he was supposed to pray about blah blah blah. So we get there for the second lesson to ask about his prayer and introduce the book of mormon. And goes on to pray perfectly for us and then tells us that he prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and he already knows he is and then went on to understand the Book of Mormon and now he has prayed and knows its true too. The Lord truly showed me that everyone has potential here and we aren演 the ones to judge! So that new family was such a blessing and now come to find out, they are the newphew and niece of our couple who was baptized and married last week! How crazy! haha. We also found another new family last week who is also understanding and progressing well. So this week we plan on introuducing the Law of Chastity and asking them if they will make the sacrifice to be married legaly! So then on sunday we had a district meeting and we made a cool goal. We decided we all want to make the goal to have a family ready for marriage on October 25, baptism the 26th. We are wanting to do this and invite President Kretly to oversee the marriage and then the next day, we want to have a big fireside to get new investigators and invite president to speak at it! So we are trying really hard for it! We are hoping to have three families at the marriage!! It will be a huge blessing if we can. Well That is all for this week! I榦 really sorry once again for not responding to everyone better because of the internet but I promise next week will be better! I will also send more pictures in other emails! I love you all so much!! Oh mom, if you haven演 sent the package yet, here are some things I would like. Some more ties, some socks, talks that you all like, and I would love if I had a little home made travelsize calendar! Also don演 forget to send me general conference news next week!!! I love you all!!
Elder Lynn


Our happy couple Domingos and Luiza! I漓e never ever ever seen Luiza so happy!!! It was such an amazing day. Probably one of my favorite days on the mission so far!

More pictures of the happy couple!! But I just found out something extremely sad! Some how my pictures of their baptism got deleted :( so next week I榦 gonna have to ask some people to send me the pictures!

I found the baptism pics!!! And a picture of me and elder galland haha. That night we were cleaning the chapel for like 4 hours so we took our ties off so they wouldn演 get filthy!

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  1. Elder Lynn,
    It has been a joy reading and sharing these experiences through your blog. I am so thankful to our heavenly father that he has sent you to the place that brings you joy and happiness. How the Lord has blessed you. As you share and tell your mission experiences I cannot help but think of my own mission experiences in Brazil. Your posts believe it or not has made me cry with joy. Haha, most people don't know this about me, but I cried like a baby when I read and hear of other people's conversion stories. It brings me so much joy and happiness as I am sure it does you. Eu ora que voce sempre tem o espirto com voce !
    Brother Kai Brown