Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16, 2013

I cant believe that Ashlee has turned 5 now! She will be six when I get home! She is already turning into a little girl and Im just turning fat hahaha. I really cant believe that when I come home I will be 20. 20 seems like you should be grown up by then and I still feel like I am a little kid haha. (Mom note: That's why the kids over their like him so much!)  Ok so plan for skype. I will be skyping on the 24th with you. We dont know exactly what time yet but our zone leader is making up a schedule for us so next week I will actually call you on monday really quick and just say like hey be on at this same time tomorrow. Then I will skype you the next day! I just need you to email me your skype name so I can know it. That is pretty sad but good that the funeral went well. You know its sad how much death happens here. The death rate here in mozambique is one of the highest and worst in the world. They dont live long and so there are always funerals going on here. But ya, the atonement is real and really does help in the process. That is good that the program went well! We also had our first Christmas program for the people in Beira and it went really well. We watched the presidency christmas message and then did our singing part! Next week it will be here in Manga. Also I wasnºt transferred! I cant believe how fast that transfer went and that it really was six weeks ago that we had transfers. This week we will open up the process and then the marriage and baptism should be next week for our family! We are super excited! Im glad that all is still going well with the family. That everyone is getting their health. Tell everyone happy birthday like christy and grandparents and ashlee. Its kinda hard to keep up with all of that but I am trying haha. No her family hasnºt yet (I asked him whether a family from his last area had been baptized yet), they had a few bumps along the way and so they havenºt but I still have hope that one day they will. Even if its not while I am here. I am glad all is going well at home. So not much excitement in the past week. Last monday we went to an old wrecked war ship and took pictures and then also took pictures by the light house, the same one that is on the E um milagre video from our mission on youtube. The other picture is of me and elder mason, galland, and ensaldo on our way home from buying our groceries. We have to take a taxi home when we buy groceries cause we cant hold them on public transportation haha. Iºll also send a couple more pics. I love you so much and Im so excited that we get to talk next week over skype! Let the family know how much I love them!

Love always,

Justin says the people in Africa are deathly afraid of chameleons and for
some reason think they are poisonous.  So they were freaking out that he
 was just letting this one climb up his pants.  They were telling him he was
going to die!  Justin, being the tease that he is, thought it was funny.
Any one who knows my dad knows how much he loved to tell stories.
He loved people and never knew a stranger and was first to respond
when someone needed help.  Justin says this man is the African version
of his grandpa.  :-)  He likes to walk with the elders and tell them stories
and just loves to help people.  So glad Justin has someone like his grandpa
there because I believe dad is laboring with Justin from the other side of the veil.

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