Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Dear family and friends,
Ya 5 months! How crazy! I canºt believe it has been that long! Truly incredible how the time flies! Time is running as they say here in moçambique! Just so you know, I do read everything everyone sends me even if I dont respond to everythng that happens. So keep sending me all the updates! Also my package got to me last night!!! President was up here this last week and he brought up our packages!!! Woooooo!!!! Thank you so so so much everyone who contributed to the package! It was like the best night of my life hahaha. I seriously loved it so much! I will be decorating my room with all the ornaments! Ok well for the last week, what has happened.... Well we spent the first part of our week working with some members who were in need of a little help. Lots of elders just wanna get the stats in of working with investigators. But I truly believe our goal, is to be a missionary as if Christ was an elder. And I believe Christ would help everyone! And I have never felt so good after helping them. We also starting preparing for a christmas program we will be putting on for the people in Beira and the people in Manga! It will be really special for them. As far as crazy events happened, it wasnºt anything special, but we do have some people progressing well. Here where we have to get everyone married first, its tough to find people who are motivated to do the documents on their own with out our help of literally walking them to the buildings. But we have such a gift of a family. They were taught one year ago already but now they are so ready. THey are going and doing the documents on their own and they will be married this month in december for sure. It will be two weeks after transfers though so I hope that I dont get transferred!!! I love this family! They call us Elder Grande and Elder Lindo. hahaha. We also have a couple other families who have finally said they will start working on the documents!!! Woooo!! As far as other things go. I am starting to be thankful for so many random things. ... Dry deodorant doesnºt exist here in mozambique! So if anyone decides to send a package please send american dry deodorant that will last! I will be eternally grateful. And also more memory cards for the camera!!! I am also thankful for carpet! and barefeet. We dont have any carpet here. Its been 4 months since I have seen it. And so becasue of safety and health, we also cant walk barefoot. We always have to wear sandals, in the shower and just around the house. I miss barefoot haha. Well I love you all! I will send a few more pics too! I love youu mom so so so much!!!!
Me dressed in a jacket, rain boots cause it was flooding, and my
 scriptures wrapped in plastic bags during the rain storm.
Me on the beach with the senior couple the Snelsons
Me messing around on the beach


A big ol canal they have here
A beautiful African sunset
One of the members who is the best cook ever who was
 making something with this fish that was steaming

One of the best meals Ive had here. The stuff on the left is called chima. It looks
like mashed potatoes but its very different. The other plate is what you dip the
chima into. it was literally the best fish I have ever ever had. It was so good!


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