Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Ok well I dont have much to say this week! I am kinda too excited to skype and all that so Ive kinda lost the will to type! Hopefully it comes back next week! Youºll have to try and remember what stories I tell you tomorrow so you can put them on the blog! Well, tomorrow is all scheduled up. I should be able to skype at 19h 40 here which is 10:40 a.m. for you guys. Youºll have to figure out better what that is for Darceeºs time. And unfortunately I think we only get like 40-45 minutes so weºll have to make it last! Make sure you are all ready before that time incase I call early or something like that and ya! Thank you so much for the pictures! I loved seeing them and seeing powell again! I sure do miss that place. With the heat here, its hard for me to believe its actually christmas. I am actually kinda glad that its not snowing and all of that cause it has helped me not get homesick. I am starting to miss home a little at this time just knowing what you are all doing but at the same time I know where I am supposed to be and all the traditions of Christmas will still be there when I get home. Well just a quick run down of the week. We got our first big big rain haha. On tuesday night we had a crazy lightning and thunder storm. I woke up part way through the night listening to it and it was pretty cool and then a lightning bolt struck right next to our house and just shook the whole house and it was probably one of the loudest sounds Ive ever heard! It was incredible! Then the next day was pretty calm until that night at like 8:00. It started raining at that time and then didnºt stop for 24 hours of just hard hard raining! So we went out with our irrigation boots and umbrellas and went to work. All of the paths to peoples houses were flooded, some of the houses had started to get water as you can see in the pictures, but it was actually pretty fun in the end! We still got work done luckily and all went well! Its been pretty dry and hot since that storm but the people said going into january and february is when weºll start to get the rain for weeks straight! Our miracle story for the week was that we need to open a marriage process. Normally you have to do it 8 days before the marriage, but there is a registry where they like us and we can do it in the same week. So, the husband that we are going to marry got stuck out in the district which is like the country kinda. Anyways he got stuck out there and ended up having to take a canoe and then hitch hike home to get here in time so we can get them married this week. It was a miracle he made it home. I will try and explain it all better tomorrow. the marriage process is hard to explain over email. But ya, I would say just be ready tuesday morning at about 10 a.m. and then around 10:40 a.m. your time, i will be calling for you! I cant wait. Weºll talk more tomorrow! I love you so much and I cant wait for tomorrow!


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