Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Wowww.... all that snow! I cant even imagine!!!

Well no worries about the energy. Honestly most places have energy except for manga. And we have been asking around and we figured out a little more about whats been going on. We get energy for a few hours every day cause zimbabway is lending us energy until they fix the problem on the 15th and so we dont have enough to sustain us all day so they give energy to one zone for a while and then switch it. But Beira pretty much always has energy. So we slept at the church a couple nights but then the generator broke so it didnt have energy so we just slept at home and I have been getting used to learing how to sleep while sweating. I have also been taking my bucket showers outside in our yard now haha. Its so much nicer cause if you take it at night when the sun is down, its dark so no one can see you and its a little bit cooler so you dont sweat while you take the shower. You guys will have to try bucket showers sometime!!! hahaha. But other than that, things are going well. Its been a tough transfer of just success. We have been struggling to find new people and talk to people but we are working really hard, it just happens sometimes. There really isnÂșt a ton to report on this last week. The week went by really fast! But I will send some pictures of stuff from this last week. This morning we went and chilled on the beach while some of the elders played football. The other picture is of me in front of the Manga sign. I have been wanting a picture by it for a long time since I have been here since august and I finally got one. And then the other pic is of a cool billboard. They have a lot of those billboards here. We also had a baptism of a young girl but I was late to the baptism so I didnÂșt get pictures haha. But it went well.  I talked to some of the members who have been to gorongoso and they loved it. They said its amazing! Well I hope you have a great week!!! I Love love love you!!!

Elder Lynn


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