Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Unfortunately there is no e-mail to share this week.  I knew that there was always a chance that there would be no power on his day to e-mail and that day has finally come.  I do want to share a couple of pictures from Elder and Sister Snelson who are living in Beira and taking good care of our missionaries.  Four of them were sent to us but this first one and the text before it I have taken from their blog.  Hope they don't mind!
Today, the missionaries found a chameleon.
   (Elders Lynn, Ensaldo & Bender) 
Interestingly, for whatever reason the older Mozambiquens are
completely afraid of these chameleons. They will run away if they see
 one and if they see someone touching one they go crazy,
because they think that chameleons are deadly.


Enjoying Elder Galland's late Christmas packaage.
I think they love packages!
Showing us his latest treasure from the local woodcarver.
 (He also showed us pics of what he's done- he's talented!)
(From Sister Snelson)

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