Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Mom's note:  Justin's e-mails the last two weeks have been short and sweet.  But I will share what we have.  :-)


So yes I was able to get in contact with the Johnsons and they will be dropping off my things tomorrow!! (*Johnsons are our next door neighbors and have just returned to Dondo for another three months to serve the people of Mozambique. They are volunteers with Children's Relief International.  Part of what they do is build what they call green door houses for the people.  They also do volunteer work in the local hospital.  They are amazing people who selflessly serve their fellowman).    It was super nice when I got that call and I am glad they made it safe and sound.  Elder Galland has already hit his year mark now and I am coming up close on 8 months... pretty crazy!  This past week really went by fast. We had a super fun family night last monday. We played UNO and everyone just loved it. It was a big hit! Then on tuesday, I was on a division with Elder Galland so we were back together for a day! It was really fun. We went to Saquina's, the family we baptized together cause it was Delfina's (the daughter) birthday and so we celebrated with them. That was super fun. And it was good to be back in the area again visiting those families. But other than that, we had a really good week full of success. Sunday wasn't a super good turnout for our investigators at church but during the week we found tons of new families finally and I really think that they will progress well. They are really interested and asking a lot of questions. So this week we were very blessed! I am extremely grateful for that!
I will start looking more into how to apply to BYU and what things you will need to do to help me out. I am sure you will have to contact the high school and get them to send in my transcript and what not. But I will be in touch with you about all that. But I did know that Tchaes family is moving. Tchae emailed me and told me all about that. Hey I was wondering if you could send me a picture of the wood burning that I did. That deer one. I would like to see that. But ya, tell the family sorry, I dont have a ton of time to answer today so I will probably only answer to this email but let them know I still read and love hearing from them. Next week I will have time to answer everyone. I love you lots! I hope you have a great week and I promise next week will be better!!!! Love you soo much!!!


These are the pictures he sent this week - with no explanation.
Guess we just fill in the blanks!

I really loved the story about great grandpa that president monson gave talks about him!! That was really really cool. Ya Elder Sorenson was here in manga also for about the last two transfers so I got to know him. He was a really nice elder and was fun to be around. But no, most groups are not nearly as big as ours. I came in with tons of elders. Some elders came all by themselves but we are the biggest group by far and we will all go home together also. 

Well for the week. Power was restored to Manga! Hallelujah! Now its back to just going out every once and a while but only for like an hour at most. So we are doing good now :) We had a better week this week. We are working really hard and doing all that we can to move the work forward here. We are really making it a big point in our area to work with the members and get them going on the missionary work. We have been trying to meet with the member families and get them excited about the work. Elder Allen was sick one day last week so we didn't get all the time in the area like normal but things are still going well. The transfer will just be a 7 week transfer this time. So we have three weeks left right now. The transfers will be on the 10th of march. I cant believe next month is my birthday!

So also, although we are over here and what not, we need to kinda think about after the mission also. So I was thinking about it and I would really like to apply to BYU and see if its possible to get into BYU. I can apply from here and everything but I just wanted to tell you first and what not that I would like to apply to BYU and see if I can do that instead of going to BYUI. I know of other elders who have done it here also.

But things are going really well here. I really love Manga and consider it my home. It will be weird the day that I eventually have to leave. But I love you so so much and I wish I had pics for this week but sadly I dont. Hopefully next week!!! I love you!


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