Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey! Sorry this is gonna be a short email. I have been here for like over an hour trying to get the email to work and it wouldn't work so now I don't have time left to write! Sorry the internet stinks here!!!!!!! Well just wanted to let you know I am alive and that I am doing well! I guess I am just gonna have to wait till next week to tell more. Tell no one to be offended about not getting a response. I am trying as hard as I can to answer everyone but the internet just isn't the same over here. Its not fast and good like it is at home so I do as much as I can . I will try and send more next week! SORRY SORRY SORRY.. love you all!!!


* I am so glad that Justin is obedient to time restraints rather than justifying that things didn't work so it's ok to stay longer.  I feel fortunate that this is a time when we can hear from him weekly and not wonder how he is.  When Danen served in Ukraine we got to communicate some of his mission with e-mail but it was not available his entire mission.  Hearing about him and knowing how he was a month earlier still left us wondering how he was right then.  So I am grateful that the Internet worked long enough for him to let us know he is well.  :-)

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