Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014 Inhamizua

Yes today was transfers! And I will be being transferred out of the Manga area for the first time on my mission! I will be going to a place called Inhamizua. My new companion will be Elder Lake. He is going into his last transfer so he will be leaving at the end of this transfer. At the current time he is the branch President of Inhamizua but he should be being released fairly soon. He is an extremely hard worker and so I am really excited to learn all that I can from him before he leaves. It should be a fun transfer full of success! I am so excited! I am guessing I will be staying in Inhamizua for a while now. Elder Galland and I will be living in different houses for the first time now on my mission. He is flying out tonight and heading down south to a place called Matola. He is very excited to but it will be sad not to see him everyday now. 

I feel re energized now. I am super excited to see where this new transfer takes me. I will have lots of stories next week! But this week I will just leave with a testimony that the church really is true. And the book of mormon really will change lives. It changes mine every single day. I hope you all take advantage of this wonderful book. I love you all so much!


Mom's note: Inhamizua appears to be about halfway between Dondo and Beira and is a jungle area.  It will be interesting to find out how it compares to Manga.  It looks like they have their own meetinghouse.

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