Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14, 2014

Wow a new car!!!!!!!!! Mom is gonna be riding in style now. You aint driving no mommy missle no more hahahahahahahahaha. But to answer your question about who will stay... I think for sure I will be staying. Elder Thurston has been here since last august so he is almost certainly gonna be leaving to another area haha. But his companion Elder Biddulph has a chance also cause we came here at the same time to Inhamizua. It will be interesting to see! The weddings and baptisms went extremely well!! I wish i could send pics this week but they'll have to wait until next week because the internet cafe we came to this week isn't very good. But they went super well! Today, I got some emails from the siblings asking some questions about some stuff that needed answered today so I am not gonna be sending a super long email today. THis is elder Lakes last pday so we are having a big party on the beach for him so I dont have much time today. Next week you guys will get lots of pictures and stories though so dont worry! Well just know how much I love you and you'll just have to learn patience with me as you will have to wait one more week for the pics! Next week will be a good week for emailing and all that jazz! Well I Love you lots!!!


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