Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8, 2014

Well Iºll answer your questions first off. Yes my cough is all gone, I donºt have a stuffed up nose anymore and I am feeling good! So the other two marriages will be this week on saturday and then after church on sunday is when we will have the baptisms. The families that will be married this week are Zacarias and Lina and then Valentim and Diana. Zacarias and Lina have some kids who could be baptized with them but they live with their grandma so they wonºt be baptized. They have a little baby girl though who is absolutely adorable. She is so dang cute. Her name is Ariane and I seriously am going to name one of my kids that. I am just gonna have to figure out how to spell it right so people can pronounce her name right. Cause the pronunciation is like.. Are-ee-on-ee. But anyways, the other couple Valentim and Diana are also super awesome. They will be baptized with their son Santinho. Then that other family that was already married, only Felicidade will be baptized right now. Unfortunately the husband works too much right now and canºt get off most sundays, so we will hold off until he is able to come to church more often. So that is the plan for this week. Other than that, we have some other really good families who are also progressing well, and will be baptized next month!
This last week was pretty much just another normal week. We made some more trips into the City to work on some marriage documents. Thats always good to get marriage documents done, it just stinks having to take a lot of time to get to the city but its all worth it. So then last monday and tuesday we didnºt really have energy so we slept pretty hot, but then wednesday and from then on our air conditioner wasnºt really working but we couldnºt get anyone to finally come fix it. So we finally came up with a creative solution. There is this little hallway in between our room and the other elders room, so we blocked off all the air ways to other rooms and then set up a fan inbetween our rooms so that the cold air would travel to our room. It worked pretty well haha but hopefully it gets fixed up tomorrow. Besides that, not much happened! I still havenºt gotten too many pics of Inhamizua, they will come soon. Donºt worry! Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!


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