Monday, May 19, 2014

May 12, 2014

Talking on Mother's Day was super awesome! I loved talking even though it went super fast!!! It was nice though. It was super interesting speaking to blake. There was only one time when I didnºt understand at first what he said but then he said it again and I caught it that time. It is pretty nice to be able to understand spanish for the most part now. ya I try my best to keep a good journal. I had a few months where I was really bad.. Part of the problem is that we dont have time for dinner so when we get home we have to plan for the next day, eat, shower, and prepare for bed so we dont always have a lot of time for writing but I am trying my best. Ok I will try and send lots of pics now!
Love you!
We recorded our Mother's Day conversation with Justin and as soon as I get a little extra time I will add some of the things we learned.


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