Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Ya this week went by really fast for us here too! I canºt believe that it is already p day again! It sounds like you guys had a good week. The house and trees look so nice! A lawn! I havenºt seen one of those in a loooonnggg time haha. I am excited to go to this bowling alley when I get home! It sounds like a nice place. I am glad to hear someone took care of it and fixed it up!!
Did you baptize the other family this week? We had a really good week! We had the other family baptized on saturday and then all 8 people were confirmed this sunday! It was a really great success.
Any other families preparing for marriage or baptism? Yes we actually took some time this morning and went and helped two more families open up the marriage process and so next friday we will have one marriage, then on saturday the other marriage, and then they will both be baptized that saturday and the confirmation will be on the sunday after on the 1st of june. we have other families also getting ready for june and we are always searching for other families! Inhamizua is incredible!
Did you lose power last week before you could e-mail pictures of your apartment and Inhamizua? No i just forgot to send the pics last week haha.
Can you think of anything else you would want us to send? Any food you would like? Umm anything else... hmmm i cant think of anything off the top of my head but just some candy, all the good stuff ya know haha. mike and ikes.
How is the elder from Angola? How long has he been serving? elder ndala is good. He has the most time out of everyone in our house. He only has 4 months left. I sent a pic of him. He is super funny.
Any idea how long Elder and Sister Snelson will be serving? I think the snelsons go home in december but I am not sure.
I will send an email after this with pics of the house. I cant think of a ton to write today and we are running late so I donºt have a ton of time! I love you and will talk to you next week!!! He really was running late! The e-mails came in after 4:00 am.


More baptisms.  I love the cute little girl in pink trying to hide.  :-)
Elder Ndala from Angola.  He is one of the four elders in
 Justin's apartment. Justin says he is super funny.
Our room. I am on the bottom bunk now. I was on the
 top bunk when Elder Lake was my companion.

Our front room and kitchen. Its small but its easy to keep clean
and its honestly one of the nicest houses in the mission.

Outside of our house a little bit.
This all is the orphanage, Inhamizua is a little different than that haha

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