Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Well the big news for the week is that we all just got an email and our mission boundaries have been realigned effective today! We now have the country of Swaziland included in our mission. I don't know much about it but i know that it is small, doesn't have a lot but its an english speaking country. So I am not really sure what will happen. They already have missionaries there so I doubt any of us will be moved to Swaziland. I am guessing they will just call missionaries to serve there but they will be called part of our mission but I don't really know for sure what will happen! I guess we will find out next week when we have transfers what happens. Pretty interesting though! 
That's crazy that Tyler Gwynn is already home.. I feel like he just left but that just shows how fast time goes! Haha it would be good for brendan and his mom if he comes to africa. Honestly from what I hear, pretty much all of africa is pretty nice except for the congo and mozambique. Everyone says other than that Africa is really nice. I am so glad you guys will be able to come and see africa. Sometimes I forgot where I really am and then when I look at a map and remember I am really in africa its super weird thinking about that haha. I cant think of anything else I would want in the package though specifically. 
Hmmm ok well this week.... Last monday we had a family night at the house of a family named Chicote and Jinete. (by the way, Chicote means whip hahaha) but anyways, it was super fun! Chicote and Jinete is a family that Elder Lake and I found and began teaching. They are progressing well and I think they will be married and baptized at some time in June. They are both smart but Jinete is exceptionally smart. She is super strong we just gotta help Chicote come to church more regularly. Umm then last week we were informed that a news station wanted to do a program about our church and so we were asked to sing a song as a Manga zone. So we practiced tuesday morning and thursday morning and then on friday we presented our song. It turned out so well!!! We sang, "Povos da terra vinde escutai," which is "heark all ye nations" in english. Then they interviewed three missionaries, Elder Going, Elder Rameka (who are both leaving this week and are both from New Zealand) and elder Mavile who is from mozambique. I am not sure if you guys will be able to find it but it would be cool if you could somehow find our song cause it turned out super well! We were able to get everything ready for our weddings we will have this week. We will have the wedding on Friday of Fernando and Gilda. This is our miracle family. Elder Lake and I were walking on his last saturday here in Inhamizua and this guy just called us out to talk to us and we asked if we could sit down and teach his family. It all happened that fast. Then in the end, they accepted baptism and asked when they could be baptized. We told them it would depend a little on their will and how fast they could change their lives to obey the commandments. They asked what they needed to change and we proceeded to teach them the law of chastity and tell them they need to get married (note: we almost never teach it this soon cause they need to build their faith more) but they accepted and now 6 weeks later they are getting married and baptized... Really just a miracle family. They are both teachers and so really smart. They are in their low 30's so they are still young. They have an 8 year old girl and a 4 year old. The 8 year old is probably one of the smartest kids I have ever met and so sweet. The 4 year old is also extremely smart she just likes to put her smarts to being a terror. She loves us though. She reminds me a lot of Ashlee, face of an angel with power to destroy hahaha. Whenever we come she always starts yelling "Ti-tio! Ti-tio!" which just means "Uncle! Uncle!" hahaha. She loves talking our ears off. But they will get married on Friday of this week. We are going to have a family night at their house tonight. The other family of Alexandre and Rosa will be getting married on saturday morning. They are quite the family. They are like the red neck hick family of mozambique. He is of portuguese decent so that is super cool. He is completely mozambican but he looks portuguese and then his wife is 100 percent mozambican. he cuts wood for a living and is just always all over the place. They are doing something 24/7 but they have changed their lives 100 percent also. Following their wedding on saturday we will have the baptism of both families so we are very excited for that! In other news that makes me super happy... Felicidade, our recent convert from april, was called to be the Primary President yesterday! She will be awesome. I am so excited for her. I love when our recent converts receive callings. Also, Diana, our recent convert from april was made Primary Secretary. All of the husbands from the 5 families have recieved the melchezideck preisthood! And all of the families that I have seen be baptized in Manga and Inhamizua are still active! That is a huge blessing because its bound to happen that I will baptized a family that goes inactive, but that is my biggest fear and it hasn't happened yet so I am extremely grateful for that! We have talked a lot with Felicidade and Marcelino about the temple and they are so excited to go here in one year. I would love to come visit Inhamizua here in one year when you guys come and be able to see them already sealed in the temple! Luckily the energy outtage appears as though it will not happen! Luckily... 

But other than that I don't have any other news. I think that is pretty good for me! I am not super good at emailing so I think that was a good one right there! I love you all and hope you have a good week!!

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