Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Wow sounds like all is going well at home! I didn't even know that christy and blake would be going to stay with you guys... that is pretty awesome. I think this computer has the capability to send pictures, but its really sketchy so I don't want to take the chance of getting a virus on my camera card. The reason we are at a sketchy place is because we came to help a family open the marriage process but the workers didn't show up on time so while we are waiting we found a random place that has two computers so that we aren't wasting a ton of time on pday haha.
(The next part sounds random so I will include the questions I asked because he is answering all my questions)
1. Has anyone ever tried to rob you? (Someone asked me this question this week)
2. Are you getting to know the people in your area now?
3. Do you know what happened to the missionaries that were in Swaziland? Will they now be considered the Mozambique Maputo Mission or will they eventually filter back to the South Africa Durban mission and only those called to Mozambique will eventually be there? Just curious how that works.
4. Are there domestic cats in Mozambique?
5. Have you seen Elder Galland since your transfer?
6. If your package actually makes it to the mission home will you get it right away since you live close now?
7. Best thing that happened this week?
8. Worst thing that happened this week?
9. Do you have anyone preparing for marriage or baptism?
10. Have you been able to pick up any new people to teach?
So no, I have never been robbed or even attempted. But I do know some pretty crazy stories about other missionaries haha. I have been in Beira where its a lot more safe when it comes to that kind of thing.. We'll see if anything happens here in Maputo haha. Ya, every day I get to know the area a little better and the people a little better. The area is a lot harder to memorize compared to Inhamizua because there are so many more houses and its just a lot different but I am slowly getting used to it. I have no idea what will happen to the missionaries in Swaziland... hahahahaa. Ummm there are domestic cats and animals, but its rare to find a family who takes good care of them. People don't treat animals well here at all. So yes people have pets, but normally they don't treat them super well. Ya I saw Elder Galland last week when we had a meeting because he was also called to be a zone leader and we had a meeting with the leaders in the mission so I saw him last week. It was super nice to see him again and talk again. Also that same day is when I found tons of the old packages that hadn't been sent to me haha. So no need to send any more packages besides that one that you already sent. I got all of that stuff now including the family history stuff! Umm the best thing that happened this last week... THere are too many good things to count! But one awesome thing is that all the branches up north except for dondo and inhamizua split! So there is no longer branches of Manga 1, 2, and 3. THere are now five manga branches with new names and also instead of 2 beira branches there are now 4 or 5 beira branches! So that is super awesome! We should be splitting down here in maputo within the next couple months too. The worst thing that happened.... Well the world cup for soccer is going on now and President Kretly's secretary is a member of our branch and he showed us a picture of president, his wife and the secretary dressed up in soccer uniforms, eating a barbeque meal and watching the world cup... That was probably the worst thing knowing the president gets to do that and we don't get to watch hahahahaha. We have one family who will hopefully get baptized next saturday the 28th. And ya we have gotten a couple new families this past little whilE!
The work is going super well... Nothing to complain about. I realized I now officially have less than a year left on the mission because I will go home the 15th of June, 2015 and it is now the 16th.. So that is pretty nuts! Time is flying and in no time it will already be christmas again.. I hope all is going well at home! I love you all so much!!!

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