Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Dear family,
My week was really good! When I got here it was kinda a rough start, I wasn't ready to leave Inhamizua and I left my area where we had 7-8 families doing well and coming to church every week and then when I got here we only had 1 family. It was a little disheartening. But we had a really succesful week and we now have around 5 familes! We are little by little adding more and more investigators. And the wedding and baptism will be this saturday! We are really excited for them.

My cake and frosting was in there, I think i will use it this week to celebrate my one year mark. The packages were at the mission office. When we went there for a meeting I found it. No i haven't recieved the latest package yet because the assistants to the president are the ones that pick up the packages but they have been gone to swaziland for the past week doing some training. I have actually only seen the tidwells like once haha. THe big difference between beira and maputo is that maputo is huge!!! SO you don't see other missionaries or other people outside of the missionaries in your house very much. ANd yes, Jake emailed me last week. I was super happy to hear from him.

I will have to take a picture this week of the place we meet. We don't have a chapel here in Magoanine, we just meet in this house, but its pretty big. Which is good because we are having over 240 people every week!!! Ya, I had a lot of culture shock when I came down here! I felt like I was coming to america haha. Luckily my area isn't like super crazy different, just the city is different. My area is completely just full of sand. Its seriously like walking on the beach. My legs are getting strong though!! Its not too bad trying to balance the duties but sometimes we have to sacrifice. Like today we have to take some of our pday to plan the training we will be giving this week... But its all for the work of God so its worth it.

So funny story for the week. Felicidade, my recent convert from inhamizua, depended on me for a lot of stuff and she was super sad when I left. We were really good friends. And I had told her that I would call everyone in Inhamizua every week to call but this last week we were really busy and hadn't had much time to call. Well she called me yesterday, and the first thing she says to me, "Elder Lynn?" then me, "yes its me" silence.... "Why didn't you call!??!? I had tons of questions to ask you this week and i needed your help!!!" hahahahaha i just busted up laughing. THen i answered all her questions and then at the end of the call she was like, ok this next week you have to call me and marcelino (her husband) more because we are going to have more questions for you.

But other than that the week went super well for us. I hope all is going well for all of you at home! I Love you all lots!


Saying good bye to everyone in Inhamizua

Fernando and Gilda


Presidente Xavier and his 1st counselor, Irmao Gole

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