Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Thank you so much for sending those recipes!!! Unfortunately my email will be a little bit short this week. We had a meeting last wednesday about how to better help the families go to the temple and president talked about how we need to have a paper talking about these families in the area book and so I had an idea to make a record that can go in the area book so I took a little time to make that today! Also in very great news I got my package!!! Thank you so so much for everything! It was super awesome! I loved everything in it! And just so you know, that will be plenty now for the rest of the mission. I won't need anything else, just letters and pictures will be perfect from here on out! We had a really good week, we didn't have a ton of time in the area but all the time we have in the area we are working hard to make it useful and worthwhile! I am super jealous of all the mountain activities that you all did. I miss the mountains just about as much as any other place haha. It looks like you all did some crazy hiking and fishing! The families here are doing well. The same money problems but they are working at it little by little. It seems like the famliies that don't have money problems have problems with the families not wanting them to get married and when they don't have family problems they have money problems... Satan sure is trying his best!!!!! But luckily we know who is stronger! THe Lord will always win. Right now in my house there is 5 americans, 1 brazilian, 1 mozambican and 1 south african! ITs pretty fun! This companion has a super strong brazilian accent and half the time i don't understand his accent haha but i am getting better! Oh I forgot to tell all of you last week. So with my limited piano knowledge, every chance i get, i play the piano just messing around. I have gotten to the point where I can play most of the hymns in the hymns made easy (don't fall back in your chairs, I know you all thought that I had no piano skills). And sometimes i can manage a normal hymn if i practice a lot. Well we had a meeting last sunday night and the missionary who normally plays the piano wasn't there and they were like hey you know how to play right? and i was like no no no i just mess around on the piano, I don't actually know how to play... Well no one else knew how to play so guess who played the piano at a church meeting for the first time in his life??? Yup, that would be me. So jamie, your lessons weren't in vain! They came in handy because my limited piano skills were put to the test hahahaha. I am loving this area and loving the mission! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else except for where I am right now. I love all of you and hope you all have a great week!!!


SOrry for the shortness of the letter, next week will be better :)

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