Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Wow, another transfer has come and gone and the time is flying by! Good news, I will finally be staying with a companion! Elder Ence is the first comp I have stayed with for more than one transfer since elder galland! so thats nice and refreshing. Transfers didn't bring too many changes for Magoanine but Elder Galland is going to Swaziland. So that's pretty crazy. He only has three more transfers left so he will for sure be finishing his mission over there. I am not sure if I'll get to see him again before he leaves so that's kinda sad but it'll be a super awesome opportunity for him! Elder Barroso went to a different zone so now the new Zone leader with me is Elder Stubbs and I am really excited because I really like Elder Stubbs. He will be in the same house, we'll just have different comps so that will also be nice! Other than that, not too many changes for us! I am pretty happy that I am staying because we've made some really good progress this last week with our area. We are hoping for three families on the 25th of October and then 2 more on the 15th of November, the last week of the transfer. So we are super excited. I wanna send some pics and explain them so I will send pics and explanations. We are in a little bit of a hurry today so I will send a better email next week! Love you all so so much!!!

All the Elders in the branch with
the branch mission leader.
 Justin and the branch mission leader, Vivaldo.

Pinto and Lizete

Rafael's little brother holding Rafael's baby
Rafael (his wife, Vania was sick so they didn't get a picture)

A Family Home Evening Wheel
they made for one of their families.

Happy Elder Ence!


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