Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Well this week was a pretty good week. Last P day we went bowling with the zone again and that was super fun. Elder Ence and I got there a little early so we played a little bit of pool. I was a little bit rusty but I acutally didn't do too bad! Then that night we finally found a new family! We have been struggling a lot to find new families and so it was a big blessing to find them! THen Tuesday we opened the marriage process for Pinto and Lizete! We went and picked up their last document and then opened the process. We wanted October 25th, this weekend, but the workers there created some problems and so we eneded up agreeing on the 1st of November. I really love this family a lot and I am so so excited for their marriage and baptism. On sunday they were getting super integrated into the branch and that was really awesome to see. Its just really incredible to think that 2 months earlier, this family didn't know anything about this gospel and now, they are about to enter into the waaters of baptism and change their lives! Then on Wednesday, we actually didn't have to stay in, we just had to go home a little early. So at 5:00 pm is when we had to be in so we just listened to some talks and what not, it was a nice little rest. Then on Friday I went on a division with elder stubbs. It was a super awesome day. We went to a leadership meeting in the morning and then came back and we worked the rest of the day together. At lunch we went to buy some chicken and i asked if we could get the 2 piece with fries and they were like oh sorry we only sell the 3 piece now.. the 2 isn't possible anymore.. and i was like huh? just only put two pieces in and charge me less and she just couldn't wrap her mind around that so i ended up getting a 3 piece haha. Also, that day elder ence was on a division with another elder and they got hit by a truck!!! He said they both got sent flying through a barb wire fence, and yet nothing happened to them... Angels really do protect us as missionaries. He is completely fine... doesn't even have a scratch and he got sent flying through a barb wire fence... that is a miracle! Then saturday and sunday we had general conference and it was super super good. We have a neighbor that only comes to our church on the week of general conference because he loves the motab choir and loves the director. He has been talking to us about it for like 3 months and sure enough he was there and he loved the choir just as always hahahahaha. Elder Ence and I are doing well. We are just struggling to find new famliies... But I think the Lord just wants us to learn something... So that is the challenge, figure out what the Lord wants us to learn. Bring our will in line with His. I love this work! There is no greater calling than to be a missionary of the true and living God and know that you are on the winning team... Its incredible. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! 

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