Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Well if I could title this email... I think I would title it "Hot Sun and Cold Showers" haha. It is getting hot hot hot here. And whether I am taking cold showers because we don't have energy and we can only take bucket showers or because its my choice, I think I only took cold showers because its just too hot! I was looking and apparently its supposed to be getting up into the 100's this week and with the humidity added to that... its gonna be a hot one! 

But yes I did get my package and thanks so much for all of that!! Zone conference went super well. We got there and started at around 9:30 and then it went until 5:00pm. It was really nice to be able to see Elder Galland again. I hadn't seen him in about 3 months so that was nice. But the training was excellent as always. I really enjoyed it. Then afterwards, we all went to the mission office for a little Christmas party, we ate, watched a slideshow of pictures, did some skits and just talked and had a good time! It was our early Christmas haha. But it was a really really nice day. It was a little hard to work the next day after that though haha. 

Yes transfers have already came up again. This will be the last week of the transfer. We will be having our baptism on Saturday morning. We are really excited. This week will be a little crazy. Tomorrow, I have to go to the city to do some interviews for the elders there, and then wednesday, we will be talking on skype. Then thursday is christmas and i think we are gonna try and make some cookies and stuff for our families and then take cookies with a message about christmas to them and it should be a great day. Thhen saturday will be the baptism and the transfer will be over! Time isn't stopping!

Well just to end this email here is a funny story. Right now, the people in the internet place, are going on about the CIA haha. The people here are obsessed with the CIA. They think that we are CIA. They think that any white person who walks around with a white shirt and tie is CIA. And they think that the CIA is out to get mozambicans hahahahaha. Its so incredibly funny. well I love you all and i'll see you on wednesday!

Elder Lynn

Elder Stubbs, Elder Lynn, Elder Galland

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