Monday, December 29, 2014

Decemmber 29, 2014

Well... Surprise! We actually don't know transfers yet! Beira hasn't had zone conference and so they won't be announcing transfers until friday I believe.. So ya. I'm not exactly sure yet what will be happening! But man this was a crazy crazy last week! So on Tuesday, Elder Stubbs and I went to the city to do some interviews, and we had combined with the other missionaries to meet up at the maputo chapel at 18h30. But that time came and went and they weren't there... in the end they finally got there pretty late and we went and did the interviews and anyways, that night we got home pretty late from the interviews, took a quick shower and got into bed. Then Wednesday, we went and talked to you guys and also ended up getting home late that night and so we had a couple days of less sleep. Then Thursday was Christmas! We got up and did a gift exchange. I had drawn Elder Thomas's name so I bought him some mozambican soccer shorts that he had wanted. So one of the pics is of Elder Thomas and his shorts. Then we did our weekly planning, made like 80 cookies, went to lunch, and then at about 1:00 pm, we went out to the areas and went around and visited the members and investigators in all the areas until night time! So we walked for about 8 hours straight haha. And Christmas once again proved to be the hottest day of the year! It was up above 100 degrees!! It was so so so incredibly hot haha. Friday, we had some more interviews to do so I was with Elder Stubbs again. Then saturday we had the wedding and baptism! It was all very very simple but it went really really well! And then there was last night... We were in a lesson trying to teach the restoration to a family when it started to rain. And here roofs are just a metal sheet, so when it rains hard it gets loud! And it was raining super super hard so we were practically yelling. Well we finish up the lesson and then water starts flooding the house, so we were like well we better get out before the roads get to flooded. So we opened up the door to leave and, too late. It was already bad. The water just came pouring in and the water outside was already knee high. So, we didn't have boots or anything but we had no choice so we just went for it and took off through the water. It was about a 20 minute walk home in the water and when we got home our pants and shoes were destroyed haha. So we took them off to let them dry, and then we tried to make sure our house didn't get too wet. It was pretty crazy how fast everything flooded. And then it rained all night long and even right now its still raining. It hasn't really stopped since last night. It started at about 7:00 pm and is still going now! This morning I pulled out my umbrella and it was raining and blowing so hard that it just broke my umbrella in half pretty much haha. So time for a new one now! Other than that, life continues on here normally! I will be glad when the new year passes, transfers are over, and life can get back to normal. I've had enough crazy for a few weeks! I love you all so much! I hope you have a happy new year!

Elder Lynn

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