Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Well transfer surprise... I am still in Magoanine! Apparently the Lord still has plans for me here. I really thought I would be leaving the branch but I am staying. I will be going to a different area but just down the road. So i will be doing at least 8 months here in the branch. And bigger surprise is my new comp is elder Stubbs! So ya he only has 4 weeks left so it will be a very short companionship. I am pretty happy im with him though. The only thing that stinks is that in 4 weeks I will be getting a new companion! But ya there is transfers! Elder Ence stayed in our area and he is training an elder from portugal. So that is good for him. 
Ummm speaking of the trip here. My release date is june 15th. i called and confirmed right now. that is the p-day. so I would like to spend probably 2 days here in maputo, 2 days up in beira, and then go to the park after that. so it looks like going through the temple won't be possible. but if you guys would like to go through the temple there I would still love to just us 3. Ya those are my main things! So ya i would plan on you guys getting here on the 15th right first thing in the morning. that is what the gallands are doing. i'm not sure how long you want to be here... that stuff. So the main things I wanna do is spend a couple days here... a couple days in beira and go to gorongoza.. you guys can kinda plan after that. i love you all and hope you have a great week!


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