Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Well surprise #2! Still no tranfers! Because of visa problems and a few other factors, transfers have been pushed back one more week. So I will do my 32nd week here in magoanine now! The New Year was so incredibly crazy here. We had really good work days on monday and tuesday. But then starting on wednesday, the parties started. We had to return home early on wednesday night because of the parties and fireworks, and then it was my plan to just sleep, not set an alarm to wake  up but that plan was ruined by the loud music and never ending fireworks. It was almost comparable to the fourth of July in terms of fireworks... It was crazy. And the music and parties didn't lack. They were insane... The next day trying to work was almost worse. There was no one on the road, everyone stayed at home and drank. and drank. So that was an interesting experience. We ended up just visiting a lot of members and making sure everyone stayed away from the temptations of the world. So our week was pretty interesting. I'm glad that the parties are over and we can finally get back to work like normal.
That is really crazy that Tyson is already home. I feel like he was just leaving yesterday! That was fast! I hope all goes well for him in his talk and that he has a great time once again adjusting to normal life. I finally made that camo cake that you sent me, and so i sent a picture of it and then we ended up eating it after district meeting on friday. I also sent a picture of a member in our area named fabiao. He hardly speaks portuguese so we can't communicate very well but he sure loves us haha. He is about 78 years old or so. He is quite the character. Other than that, our week went well. Now off to at least one more week!

Love you all!

Elder Lynn


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