Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hello Family and friends!
Well the theme of last week was RAIN! The rain came a bit early this year and really had the mozambicans confused haha. It started last monday and would rain for about half of the day each day of the week. It would drizzle at some points and then it would just open the skies of heaven and rain was pouring! I have never seen rain come down so hard before. This also made us very wet. Haha because despite this, we still have to be missionaries and go out and preach the gospel. So we put on our irrigation boots so we could get through the flooded areas and we just wrapped our scriptures up in plastic bags and went out. The only problem is that, Mozambicans hate rain. So the minute it rains the streets clear and everyone is gone and no one wants to meet with us haha. But we still thankfully had quite a few lessons anyways. Its pretty hilarious to see them running as fast as they can to get out of the rain and we are just out getting absolutely soaked haha. We also had an amazing lightning storm one night. It was crazy! Besides the weather though, last week was a fairly rough week with investigators. We had to drop four families for cause of the fact that they weren't progressing and then we had one family who was ready to be baptized and they moved. So we lost five families last week that was really hard. So we are kinda starting new again. But we had an amazing zone conference last week where we kinda learned more of what we are focussing on. So, right now the church is still very young here and so while no one is excluded from the church, right now we are trying to find those who can be leaders. Because the church is like a house, every single part of the house is important, but you cant put the roof up before you have the foundation. So right now we are building the foundation. And here, it is very common for people not to be able to read, and if they can they almost never understand when they read. So we have to teach so extremely simple so they can understand. But there are people who understand! These are those who will be the leaders. We need them right now so that the church can have a strong foundation to build upon. So my companion and I have started a new process of looking for those who understand well, progress well, and can be the leaders of the church! Luckily, those families who are left, are going to be leaders. We have Elias. He is the smartest person I have met here. I may have already mentioned it but he has already read the whole book of mormon and is now starting in on d&c while continuing the B.O.M. They other night he told us that he didn't read much since our last visit and we asked what he did read, he then went on to give us a description of mosiah chapter 16 and how he learned that because of the atonement of christ the law of moses was fulfilled and then started cross referencing to D&C to back up his scrips and then he also read and knows the background of both priesthoods and why they are what they are and how they function. And he said he didn't read much. He is honestly going to be such a strong leader. We also have about two other really strong families right now who we are very happy with. So this week we will be starting fresh and beginning again to try and build our area while looking for those who will be leaders of the church. I wanna send more pics so I'll end this early and send descriptions of the pics! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Lynn

I think he forgot to send his descriptions, except for
the last two photosStill fun to see the pictures!

Elder greenman and I wearing our irrigation boots together haha

We started making some super good food, Elder Galland and I did and so one is a meal that we made. We made homemade tortillas, then some rice, beans and then shredded chicken and I made our homemade bbq sauce to put on it. We have been making awesome food and I'm glad I know how to cook haha!

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