Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!
Well first off, I wanna say I'm sorry cause this week there won't be any cool pictures. I didn't take any more cool pics this week haha. Secondly, guess what!? I get to watch general conference this week! Saturday at 14h we get to watch the saturday session and then sunday at 8 we get to see the sunday session. I can't really express how giddy I am right now haha. Ok anyways on to the happenings of the week! So I forgot to tell you something pretty cool/funny. So Luiza the lady who I baptized. She goes by luiza but when I baptized her and had to say her full name we found out her real name in total is Njeruza Chanigua Chinai Sande hahah. So when I baptized her I had quite the mouthful to say! Last week was a pretty hard week I guess. We had lots of good things happen though too. So we made it a focus to try and find people who could be leaders of the church, and we really feel like last week we were blessed to find 3 families where they really could be. We had some amazing lessons with all of them and it was a good week in that sense! But then none of them showed up to church. That was really sad. It was tough to not have many investigators at church. But I still have hope for them. I sent this part in a letter to mom but I'll share it with everyone. We have this little family who I started teaching about the third week or second week of last transfer. At first we weren't so sure about them, but now they are just the biggest blessing in my life. Their names are Felizardo and Dorca. They are like my little parents here. We walk by their house quite often and so Dorca is always checking up on us making sure we aren't sick and just seeing if we're having a good day :) And Felizardo is just this cool, slick dressed man haha. But they both have such strong testimonies of Joseph Smith and prayer. It is just one of my favorite things to get to go to their house! Now for some funny stories of the week! We have a family that we visit and they have a neighbor boy who is like 3 years old. And here the kids just all run out and just spout out whatever english they know. Its normally like "good morning teacher" or "i'm fine tanks and you?" or good afternono." But this little kid runs out everyday just telling "Good morning tooter!!" He is trying to say teacher but its just the funniest thing ever haha. Also, I don't know if I have told you, but here no one has addresses cause there aren't roads just little paths with houses scattered everywhere. So you have to have a phone pretty much for us to contact them and find their house. Well we street contacted a guy and he didn't have a phone but he says, "Don't worry, I can give good directions to my house." They never can but we listened anyways. So he says, " first, go to the market of pequeno brasil. Then head on the path towards the church. " Keep in mind there are about 3 churches right next to that market. "You are going to head to the road by escola 25 but you wont get there. You will see a house that was being constructed but isn't anymore and doesn't have paint." Also keep in mind, no houses have paint here and every house was being constructed at one time haha. "Then turn right at that house. Go in two houses on the left and ask them if they know Hage. My name is Hage. They will know me. If not, they will know my son, he is very preffered in our village." Well, the next day we went, and actually managed to find the place he was talking about and went in, and asked if anyone knew hage. Little to our suprise, no one knew hage haha. So we never taught him! Haha but mozambicans. They think their directions are so specific lol. Well family and friends, I don't have much more time but just wanted to let you know, this life is a journey not a race. Take it day by day and enjoy the little things. "Adam fell that men might be. Men are that they might have joy." I never understood this scripture until now. We are on this earth so we can have joy. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much he has given us this precious time to love, grow the gospel, and have joy. We need to work everyday to enjoy the journey and have joy. I love you all so much and want you all to know that I know this church is true! I love you and hope you have a grand week!

Elder Lynn

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