Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Well unfortunately, because of a funeral and some other circumstances that we hadn't foreseen, we wont have a wedding this week. But we are opening up the marriage process this wednesday which means they will be married next week! But transfers are next week also so we'll see if I'm even still in Manga! Exciting! First off, I wanna thank everyone for the letters every week. I really appreciate the time I have to read everyones emails and see what is going on at home. It really is a huge blessing and if I don't respond its cause I ran out of time, but I still read them all and they are honestly so good for me! Now on to happenings of last week. So last monday we had another super fun family night where we played uno. Mozambicans and uno... They love it haha. They weren't too happy that I won!!! Haha :) And we also make banana bread or other things like that for treats and they think its the greatest thing ever haha. Tuesday, was really good, we started teaching some part member families in hopes to bring families together in the church so we started teaching sisters of two different families and their friends. Also, on tuesday we had this super powerful lesson with a family where we took Domingos (our recent baptism) to help us teach. We talked about how its time for them to act and be baptized. They need to put aside the african marriage traditions and follow the Lord (if none of you have watched the video e um milagre on youtube you should. Its about the marriages here but how the church has overcome it.) Anyway they completely accepted and so we are working hard so they will be ready for baptism the first week of december!! Wednesday unfortunately was a little bit harder day and not much happened. Thursday, the inevitable happened. I had avoided being sick my whole time here in africa so far but it finally got me last thursday so we spent thursday in the house and I slept and rested up. Friday we were back out and had a good day. We taught a new family who understood really well and was really pretty relaxed and accepted everything really well. It was a blessing! But saturday we had one of the coolest first lessons I've ever had. This guy was just so ready and prepared. The Lord prepares people in various ways and this guy was prepared to hear the gospel. He completely accepted baptism in the first five minutes of the lesson, we have a date set for him and he came to church the next day. What a blessing!!! Blessings are all around us if we will just look. Ok now for the funny stories of the week. So there was a family who was married and baptized last transfer during the collective marriage, and they wanted their kids to have nice shoes for the wedding and church so they went out and bought what they thought were these super nice shoes. Well they were really tap dance shoes haha. And unfortunately, nothing here has carpet and so our chapel is tile floor so you can imagine what it sounds like when he walks in. We just die laughing every week joking about how he just wants his true talent as a tap dancer to be discovered haha. People here are always trying to speak english to us even if it doesn't make any sense and they think they are just the funniest people in the world. We walked by a guy who was holding a bottle of alcohol and he yelled, "You want to try??" and we just said "Boa tarde" and he just started laughing crazily and said back in english, "Thank you verrrrrrryyyyy much!!!" Needless to say, he needed to rest a little before he was gonna be with it. The other funny story didn't happen to me but to other elders in our district. They said they have this guy in their area who everytime he sees them just comes running up and says the same thing everytime and then walks away. He walks up and says, "Peace half moon, peace half moon. No rans!" then smiles and walks away hahaha. They said they want to teach him the word cookies next time haha. Well I just want you all to know that I have a testimony of this church and how true it is. I have so much respect for the prophet joseph smith and everything he did for this gospel, he was an amazing man. I hope you all have a great week and don't be afraid to be missionaries! Love, Elder Lynn The pictures are, one of me and one of my investigators little boys. Don't let the smile fool ya, he's crazy hahaha. Then me holding one of our huge banana trees that we cut down from our back yard, and the other is me on top of the grand hotel. You should all go look up the grand hotel. It was once the shining hotel of africa and now its nothing close. Definitely should look up old and new pics of it. Love ya!

I'll send you some pics you can put on the site of me washing dishes like a mozambican. Our water and energy were out so we couldn't wash dishes or take showers so we washed them in big tubs outside. Bucket showers are pretty nice here actually. When we don't have energy or water and I don't shower for a couple days I will just finally take a bucket shower and they are actually kinda nice!

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