Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

OK I will try and answer all the questions first haha. Thanksgiving day was really good for us. It was hard having to be inside all day and losing a day of work but I understand why we had to do it. We had lots of things! Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, vegetables, sparkling cider, beans and dessert! I took a picture but its on my old card and I started a new one so I donºt have pictures on it yet. Now I actually live in my area haha. So i step outside and Iºm in my area which is a very big blessing. It makes it easier to work later now and its so nice to be able to just work in my area. Ya we have many who are ready spiritually for baptism but its the marriage papers that stop everyone here. But we do have one family who is trying their hardest to make baptism by the end of this transfer. But because of how long the papers take, it will be a miracle if they do make it. But they will definitely make it in december. You know, every area is special in its own way. I will always love that first area I had. I love those people, I love the area, the trees just everything. But I also love this area. There is no area that is better than the other. Where the Lord wants you is where you belong and so its what you will love if you trust in the Lord. Special experiences... Well This last week was extremely tough. Proabably the hardest week stats wise and just ya. Its sometimes frustrating knowing that people have agency to choose ya know? I wish they could just always make the right choice but then I remember that that is how Heavenly Father feels about me when I make wrong choices too. So its hard! I also realized that as a person, I felt like I had spiritually stopped growing a little. Our purpose is to continually get better every day. Turn more like our father in heaven every day and so I feel like as Iºm becoming the best missionary I have been so far on the mission, the times got even harder. I feel like as I have become even more dilligent, the lessons started falling. So that is hard. Its hard watching other missionaries have so much success and wondering, what am I doing wrong. So the only thing there is to do is work even harder and just trust that the Lord is working in his own way. The lords ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts. So I have no doubt he has a plan. He knows we are working hard but he knows they best thing to do. Elder Shachterle didnºt get transfered so he is still working in our old area. And so our house only got one new elder actually but we all get along super well. Ya that family is doing really well.(I had asked him about Tercia and her family from his last area) I really hope they are baptized while I am here! Sunday was actually the primary program! I was nervous for how it would go but it was amazing! They did so good and were so well behaved! It was the most reverent sacrament meeting we have had while ive been here. Unfortunately they went crazy after sacrament meeting but one step at a time haha. I sure miss the cold of wyoming. It has been hot hot hot and then it also started raining again. We are getting into rain season which im not excited about. But just pray for the people here. They donºt often have all the things they need to be protected in the rain like we do. Tell that new family with the son in brazil that they are lucky he is speakin portuguese but unfortunately he is learning the wrong accent!! Hahaha. Thats pretty exciting that we will have so many missionaries in our ward. But I canºt believe AJ is coming home! THat doesnºt seem real! I hope I get my package then when we have christmas stuff going on up here. Like hopefully president comes up or something. I think I should get it somehow! Well Iºm sorry for lack of pictures this week. Iºm hoping to take more this week and then Iºll be able to fill up my new memory card! I love you lots mom! I hope you have a great week!


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