Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Well I have to thank everyone for the wonderful emails this week. Everyone sent awesome emails and lots of pictures and I loved that! I feel very informed about how everything is going! I sent a couple pictures of the baptism of a few youth we had this week and then me and my comp in front of our chapel, and then also the cinammon rolls I made last week. They were super easy and a big hit in the house haha.

Well over here, things are going well as normal. We had a really busy week this week and so it flew by.. The time is going faster and faster every single day. Tuesday was the only day that we had a whole day of normal work and it was the one day that everything fell through hahaha. Of course it has to be like that! Then wednesday, we had another meeting in the city. It was another leadership training that was really awesome. The only problem is that we have to leave right at 8:00 to catch transport there and then it starts at 10:00. We talked a lot about more of how the mission helps us prepare for after our mission. President really stresses this a lot, being successful in all of life, not just on the mission. Then afterwards we had to fight to get home. It was a battle and took us like 2 and half hours, then we had to eat something, and do our studies, and then we only had about 3 hours in the area. We are really trying to do better with always doing our studies. Its a big temptation to skip studies and just work but I am gaining a testimony that if we just be obedient even to something that seems like a better option, the Lord will help, and its a rule to do our studies, so we had little time but we had a some really good lessons that night. Thursday was the same thing but this time we had to go to the city to renew our papers for being in the country for a year. But we had to be there at 8:00 and so we had to wake up pretty early and leave the house by 6:30 to get to immigration in time. But we had some really awesome people that helped us get there and then it just took forever at immigration. We spent the whole morning there and then we didn't get out to our area again until late at night once again. But that day we found some awesome new families that we are really excited about!! Friday I had to do some baptismal interviews in the morning and we also had our district meeting and we had to do weekly planning so all that added up, only left us with a little bit of time in the area. Its not easy to be out of the area because you worry a lot about what is happening, but I am working on just controling what I can control and letting the rest work its way, becasue it doesn't do any good to worry when you can't do anything about it! and then saturday we had the baptism of a few youth, it went really really well, and then afterwards, we did a division and Elder Barroso and I had to take some time to plan the training we will be doing on wednesday. We got it all planned for the most part, but I will be using pretty much the rest of my p-day today to put it all together on the computer... so no fun stuff today haha. and then saturday night I went out and walked with Elder Khumalo. He is the elder from south africa. He is the missionary of many languages haha. He actually only learned english when he was like 13... he still says some things a little funny but he speaks well. He speaks tons of languages though. But everything is going well. We are just waiting for our families to recieve money from their work so they can do some more documents. I wore the shirts but they were next to the mints so they smelled minty haha. No missionaries have been sent here yet... maybe at transfers? i dont know. And I got to listen to all the messages! Loved them all! I love you all lots and hope you have a great week!!!



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