Thursday, July 18, 2013

 This is a picture of me with our zone leaders who just left yesterday.
They were so awesome! Elder Cranor is the bigger one and
Elder Michaelsen is the smaller one
 This is a picture of Elder Jones. He was a third companion to the zone leaders cause
 his comp went home. He might be the funniest person I've ever met. He always builds
 people up and brings new games he is just awesome. And he was raised in
chiuawawa mexico so he has a hilarious accent since he is white haha
 This is Elder Shultze. The very first night we were here he came in and gave us a run
down of everything and has just been a great friend to me since. He is a super awesome
 ball player and we played together a lot. Last night before he left I thanked him for
making my MTC stay and he said that he had elders who made his first few weeks
awesome and so he kept the trend going and he asked that I do the same because he knows
 I can help others. So thats my goal now! He really made my stay so much more enjoyable.
This is Elder Lierly. He left yesterday too and we weren't great friends but we talked
quite often and when he found out I was from Wyoming he was excited because his
grandpa is Chief Washakie!! Hahah so I figured you would think that is really
cool so I thought I would let you know!

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