Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 16, 2013

Justin sent a short e-mail but Jamie was on at the same time he was and they e-mailed back and forth.  Basically he says he is happy and doing great.  He misses all the nieces and nephews and other kids that he loves being around.  He can't wait to get to Mozambique and be around little children again. 

He loves Tuesdays when they can do laundry, relax, write letters, e-mail and generally take a breather.  They still study some and on Tuesday evenings they have a devotional.  He was going to be singing in the choir and was hoping it would be broadcast on BYU TV but I couldn't find it.  :-(

The Provo temple is closed the whole time he is in the MTC so he isn't getting to attend the temple. 

He loves all the letters, e-mails and packages he gets so keep them coming!!!!

His very SHORT e-mail and then below there are new pictures with the things he wrote with them:

Well let's see, last week we started teaching a guy named nata who didn't like the church and what not and we've had bad lessons and good ones but our last one with him was freaking awesome!! He felt the spirit so strong and we conveyed so much more through our portuguese than we ever had. We lost a lot of awesome missionaries this week to the field which is sad. They made my MTC stay so much better but I'll send some pictures of me with them later. Umm I'm learning that some sisters just feel the need to be a mom here so they think elders who just got out would be a great target. Sometimes I wanna just yank my hair out with them. But they are teaching me patience :) The weeks go by insanely fast!!! Like really really fast. But I just can't wait to get to Mozambique!! Its like ahhh i can't wait!  I think i'm doing a pretty good job of not gaining any weight. I work out as much as I can and play ball every day so the food isn't getting to me hopefully. There are so many spiritual stories that I just can't convey through emails but I'll chat later!

Love, Elder Lynn

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