Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013

Today Justin didn't e-mail a letter, rather he and I e-mailed conversation back and forth.  He called it missionary texting.  :-)  I will try to put together the information I gathered. 

Justin was made district leader for the remainder of his time in the MTC.  I asked him what his responsibilities are and he said "not much honestly".  He chooses prayers, runs the district meetings every Sunday and Tuesday, helps to set goals and tries to keep people focussed during the day.  He schedules their buildings when they need computers.  He says he has a hard enough time keeping himself focussed because 10 hours of class is a lot!  But he says they get better every day.  He thinks they are teaching him a lesson making him district leader because he is one that gets them off topic telling jokes.  He says it is all good but he won't be sad to be in Mozambique and not having 10 hours of class time / study time a day.

They have  devotionals twice a week and he sings in the choir during the Tuesday devotional.  He loves singing in the choir and says the director is good and also funny.  He says it's super fun!

He feels like the language is coming along - he says he has learned more in a few weeks than he did in 4 years of Spanish. He also recognizes that his background in Spanish has helped him in learning Portuguese.  He can teach  a lesson with only his Portuguese scriptures and says it is truly amazing what he has learned. :-)  He realizes that when he gets to Mozambique it will be a whole new ball game and that he will still have much to learn. 

He continues to appreciate the letters and e-mails.   I hope he takes time to answer a few of them!

On Thursday he will learn of his definite travel plans to Mozambique. 

Justin told us of two talks we should read by Elder Bednar.  He said the first is called The Fountain of Living Waters.  I couldn't find one by that name but did find A Reservoir of Living Water, so I think that might be what he meant.  The other one is The Character of Christ.  I couldn't find that one on lds.org but did find it when I googled it.  I haven't had a chance to read them, but will as soon as I can.  He also issued a challenge to us and I will extend it to the readers of his blog: 

 And then a really awesome challenge I've started that I will give to you and all who would join is to take a cheap blue Book of Mormon and go in with a question. Mine is to do everything about the atonement. Then you read it and mark anything and everything that there is on your topic. When you're done you write a half page paper on it that a child could understand and then you start again. David Bednar said he has done it 70 times on the atonement topic alone. This will truly bring you close to the Lord so I would challenge you to do it and tell others about it cause its really helping me already!

I would extend this challenge to all and anyone who does not have a Book of Mormon to do this with just let me know and I will be happy to provide one! 

Justin is happy and positive.  He loves what he is doing, loves learning and being a missionary and is excited to get to Mozambique and meet the people.  He says they just hired a native of Mozambique to work at the MTC and he is in hopes of meeting him and speaking with him before he leaves.  He loves his family and friends and misses us all but is happy to be where his is. 

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