Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013  #2

Ok I have thirty more minutes so I thought I would write some more. I forgot to tell you there is a kid in my zone who is Preator's cousin. He said he kinda knows the family but they are second cousins so not super close but cool none the less. I think he is from texas or something but his name is Elder Preator so i thought you could tell Preator. Umm well since I'm bored maybe I'll a type some stuff in my new language for you. Eu sei que o Livro de Mormon es verdadeiro. Atraves de o Espirito Santo eu sei que nos podemos saber verdade de todos coisas. Eu amo este evangelho e eu amo este opportunidade estar aqui a CTM. Eu sei que nosso Redentor e Salvador es Jesus Cristo e atraves de a Expiaçao nos podemos voltar com nosso Pai Celstial. The keyboard wont let me do all the letters how they should exactly be which is annoying. But thats ok. That is my simple testimony in Portugese. I could write more but it takes a little time for me to think of what to say. Ummm hmmmm... What else to say in this next little time.. Well I could tell you what a normal day looks like! We wake up at 6:00 a.m. say prayers, shower, get dressed and go to breakfast by 6:30. Then at 7:00-10:00 we'll either have class or teach a lesson and study during that time. Then from 10-11 we have personal study time where we read the B.O.M. or Preach my gospel or something like that and build our gospel knowledge while always preparing for our investigators. Then we eat lunch at 11 and then at 11:45 we'll a lot of times have TALL which is technology assisted language learning or we'll have more study time and what not. And then somwhere between then and 4 we usually just do more studying and sometimes get off task and mess around. Then dinner is at 4. We have gym sometime throughout the day for 50 minutes a day. Our schedule changes when things are each day but not what we do really. Then after dinner its more studying and then from 6-9 we have class/teach investigators again. Then from 9-9:30 we plan for the next day and then at 9:30 we had back to the residence hall and have an hour to hang out, write letters, write in our journals, and get ready for bed and then lights out at 10:30. Its A LOT of class time but its still good! I love learning but sometimes we just need a little brain break haha. Our new investigator i was telling you about is our teacher but he plays people that he taught on his mission and he progresses as the spirit says and as they did for him kinda and he is good at acting. We take it as seriously as if we were teaching a real person and we pray and worry about him all the time. He doesn't like his family who is all members and is kinda an angry guy but by the end we really had him thinking and he took the book of mormon and said he would read and pray so we really hope he will!! Its really such a good exerience and i'm getting anxious to get to the field even though there is still so much i don't know. Like i don't know a lot but it will come. Well thats all for now! Cant wait to hear from you all! Love you!!!
Elder Lynn

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