Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

Well another week has flown by once again. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes there are tough days here when you just wanna give up, but if you keep going the next day is always better! Yes I got the card and packages and I love it all and so does my district and zone haha. Anyways, I'm trying to think of some cool stories... Well I bore my testimony in portugese and public for the first time on sunday which was exciting and I also blessed the bread in portugese. Umm.. Basketball pretty much makes my day. There are some pretty good ballers here but I fair pretty well and I always get to play in the good games. Unfortunately a lot of them are leaving within the next couple weeks. I've made a lot of friends outside of my district which is awesome but I'm going to miss them! I took another nap today and the laundry is in the process of being done haha. Well we finished teaching our first "investigator" who was really easy and is now one of our teachers. We started with our second one yesterday and he is a whole new story. Its so hard but we are learning its not our words that change their heart, its the spirit. We hardly said anything right yesterday but the spirit was there and he had quite a change by the end of our visit. We will continue with him tomorrow and the rest of the week. Oh every tuesday and sunday there are night time devotionals, I don't know if they broadcast them on BYU tv but if they do and you happen to watch, look for me in the choir! . Umm, the time is honestly flying by... Oh our district started a new trend here yesterday that was a HUGE hit. It's called man challenge monday. We think of a challenge and anyone who wants in has to put a tie in and the person who wins gets to choose the tie they want. We did who could hold a wall sit the longest yesterday and we got like 5 minutes in and we were all yelling and screaming haha. It was crazy... I took fourth but my tie wasn't chosen!! Woohoo! Umm ya I did see Cody savage and tchae a lot before he left and also chelsea. We got to watch fireworks and stay up way late on fourth of july but the next day we were really dragging. Umm... I love hearing from everyone through dearelder! How are things going at home? I'm glad to see Derrick had no problem taking over my room, I knew he wouldn't. Hopefully he isn't causing too much trouble with no one there to straighten him out. The language is still coming. Often I feel as though I've hit a wall but then I see how much I really can say and that is encouraging. The days can just be so long sometimes that you get tired and frustrated easily. But what is really weird is that in a couple weeks we'll be the oldest ones here! I'm attempting to attach photos but I can't figure it out this second so it might come in a little bit later tonight. Ummm what else is new here... Hmm not much! If you have more questions just send them through dearelder! I'll be on a little later to attach pictures.
Love you all!
Elder Lynn

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